Gems In Bloom

This series is based on the beauty found in nature. My main focus is to have leaves and flowers come to life and be a part of your everyday life through adornment. I created this line to add a little touch of nature to the everyday hustle and bustle of life. I forge different leaves and flowers. Some are embellished with colorful patinas or they are finished with a more natural tone to show the pure tones of the metal and texture within the piece. I always add a grouping of natural gemstones such as agate, quartz, jaspers, to add a dash of color as well.

Most of this line has an easy access. I call this my grab and go pieces. Most of the pieces can either be placed right over your head or the clasp can be moved up the chain to present itself in a more “lariat” style if you would like. The more ways you can wear a piece the more options you have to make it work with any outfit or look.

Here are a few examples         
from the collection.