Fretwork & Mixed Media

The Fretwork Collection is a combination of working with a variety of different metals, materials, and techniques to create that signature look that makes a statement on its own.

All of my designs start out as a drawing where I plan out what metals such as copper, brass, or sterling silver, should be used. Also, combinations of textures, patterns, patinas or finishes to pull together to create the “look” I’m trying to achieve. I use my drawings as a “blue print” to build the design upon.

Next, I hand saw and fabricate each piece or component within the design. Each layer is hand fabricated so that when combined by such techniques as riveting or wire wrapping, it produces that base structure that will be built upon.

From that point the fun begins. I love bringing it all together and applying different patinas and finishes such as liver of sulfur, Guilder’s paste, natural patinas, vintage patinas, and even alcohol inks to give my designs that special look I want to create.

The final step within the process is to add the final components of the piece. This is when I add beads, chains, found objects, and other components to complete the design. I also use a variety of chains, leather, fabric, and hand fabricated components to give the piece that truly unique look that my customers look for.

I love the process and I hope you love the end product.

Here are a few examples         
from the collection.