Art  Within Art

This series is so precious to me because I get to combine my two loves – drawing and painting and creating truly unique metal work designs to house those original works of art.

The pieces start out the same way. With a drawing, a sketch as it would be, to plan out the design. The fun part is that also I get to work on creating an original piece of art that will be sealed for protection. Then this is incorporated into the metal work to create a truly “wearable art” piece that a person can wear and cherish.

I use a variety of techniques and material to create the focal work that is the center of each creation or necklace. Many of my works are in color pencil with a variety of surfaces and metallic paper, cold press paper, or linen texture papers and card stock. This year I will use original photographs as a new facet of design to my Art Within Art.

As always these pieces will be a combination of my hand fabricated metal work, patinas, finishes and components to finish all of these little gems. I also make sure to complete my designs with a variety of chains, beads, or materials to have the necklace be the right length to be comfortable yet stylish.

Here are a few examples         
from the collection.